Ali-Activ® Plus (World's First Tongkat Ali & Moringa Oleifera Liquid Concentrates)

Due to Tongkat Ali’s recent popularity, many counterfeit and bootlegs pharma produces low grade or fake capsules and extracts, to pass it as the real thing and had it flood into the supplement market. Those who tried or use the real stuff swears by its effectiveness, others who unfortunately bought and use fake or low quality extract, endorses this product as ineffective. The real Tongkat Ali harvested from Malaysia only is actually very effective and extremely potent with years of research and development, with published lab test and clinical trials to back up its reputation.

Moringa Oleifera leave liquid extract (organically sourced), The Miracle Tree, has shown to improve blood circulation effect, will lower stress and improve manhood wellbeing in men. Ali-Activ® Plus is a combination of this two.

Our business vision is to correct market misconception about Tongkat Ali (It can help more than just improve sexual function) and assist in and ensure the customers is getting the genuine product with the best quality, we created a unique formula, a new sublingual liquid extract delivery system called Ali-Activ® Plus.

How to use :

For energy boosting, muscle building and sports performance & endurance, add 15-20 drops to drinking water bottle during training or workout or alternatively drop 5-10 under your tongue before and after workout.

For Better Sexual Performance take 20 drops (sublingual, drip under tongue for 20 seconds before drinking) 1.5 - 2 hours before action.

For Testosterone Boosting or natural Testosterone Replacement Therapy, improving manhood function, take 8 to 16 drops into drink every morning during breakfast. (3 Bottles x10ML is good for up to 120 Days)

How Fast Can I Expect Results?

Most people will experience fast result with Ali-Activ® Plus build over a period of 7 to 14 days. As the functional ingredients boost up your body its energy boosting qualities (Tongkat Ali Boost ATP Production) can be felt within minutes of consuming it!

Ali-Activ® Plus has been formulated to help and restore testosterone so it will improve your erection quality, control, stamina and libido so you can better and lasting quality sex and orgasm.

**Easy to use and dosage control with a fast result. Per Bottle 10 ML (Up to 400 drops or 4000 mg) Per drop is 7mg Tongkat Ali + 3mg Moringa Oliefera. (One Bottle can last up to 40 days, 3 Bottles x10ML is good for up to 120 Days)

*Individual results may vary due to age and health plus physical condition.




Natural Testosterone Booster
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Liquid Delivery System
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Ali-Actic Plus, 10ml bottle

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Tongkat Ali Root Slices 100g

Our Tongkat Ali Root Slices is from the Borneo Rainforest, we supply raw roots which is safe and 100% wild from the rainforest.


- Soak 2g of sliced roots in 100ml of water for 5 minutes.
- Boil in 500ml water for 30mins.




Root is 15 years and above!

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Straight from the tropical rainforest of Borneo, these mature Tongkat Ali roots are harvested in a sustainable manner to ensure never ending supply. Based on our research using Universiti Malaysia Sabah our Alistyr is produced and infused with the health benefits of 100 % wild Borneo honey to bring you the health goodness of rainforest. This organic stirrer bring out the health benefit of honey and Tongkat Ali and it can be drunk with tea, coffee or any beverages. Each of these stirrer can be used multiple times to maximise your health benefits. 


Product information :

Made with pure 100% Tongkat Ali stirrer 
Directions : stir well for drinking with minimum 3 times re-use
Specifications : Per box, 5 pieces Tongkat Ali stirrer with honey infused 




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