Edible Bird’s Nest Extract Liquid

Edible Bird's Nest Liquid Extract

Newest Liquid Form with Optimal Bioavailable and Predigested Absorption.

Gentle Extraction using TCR (Time Control Release) to extract all Active Nutrition.

In liquid Water Soluble form For Optimal Absorption up to 98 % Nutrition which is 100% Natural, No Preservatives and Illegal Substances.

Bird's Nest in Extract Liquid form

  • Helps to accelerate and promote wound healing & promotes skin beautifying with EGF ( Epidermal Growth Factor )
  • Helps to reinforce skin tightening
  • Enhances Health, Vitality, Energy, Vision and Boost Immune System
  • Helps to prevent virus that cause influenza infections
  • Contains Carbohydrates, glycoprotein and Mineral Salts vital to production of collagen in dermis.
  • Is rich in sialic acid, proteins and amino acids that that promotes anti-aging

Advantages of Edible Bird's Nest Liquid Extract by Borneo Rainforest Herbs

  • Instant ready to serve with fast acting into blood stream and cells.
  • Easy to use and carry around.
  • High activ ratio with 100 mg = 1 ML equal to 2.5 gram of raw bird nest.
  • In 30 ML bottle with 1 ML is sufficient for daily allowance need for 30 days.
  • Very affordable and good value for money. 

Revolutionary Product

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